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Tom McDermott - A One Man Orchestration of Story, Laughter and Song

"This is one of the best Halloween books for young readers I've seen in a long time." 

(Feathered Quill Book Reviews)

"A wonderful cumulative story...amazing illustrations...reminiscent of classic books...” (Bookin' Las Vegas Reviews)

(Pelican Pub, 2010, Illustrated by Liz McGrath)

Charmingly spooky illustrations scare up the fun as the creepy creatures sneak along, one by one, until a surprise ending. The clever singsong verse offers a playful approach to counting and language skills while empowering little ones to overcome their fears and banish the "monsters" who sneak into their rooms.       


Wild and playful stories (original stories and adapted folktales) filled with original music and lively characters. Songs to tickle the funny bone and twist the tongue. The kids will want to listen over and over again.

CD - Recorded Live in 2002        $10.00

“Part Smothers Brothers, part Bill Cosby…heartfelt wisdom for what gets kids thinking.”

Joan Evans, Library Media Specialist, Klein ISD, TX

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